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Hyperbaric Chamber

At Hospital H+ Los Cabos we offer Oxygen Therapy service, effective in a wide variety of treatments. Its function is to obtain partial and high pressures of oxygen, providing the body with large amounts of it. Thus, the functions that are lost when the quantity is low are restored.

To achieve this, we have a Sechrist brand hyperbaric chamber, the number one worldwide. This model is a single-seating unit for medical use, which allows the treatment to be customized for each patient, in accordance with their pathology.

The hyperbaric doctor will determine the number of sessions and the pressure to which the patient will be taken, taking into account the patient's illness and clinical conditions.

In the hyperbaric chamber the patient can feel comfortable and without anxiety. Its transparent dome allows easy visual communication while an intercom allows for audition, and you can even watch movies on an outside monitor.

Oxygen therapy has shown clear improvements in blood circulation, activation of own stem cells and improvements in pain management, due to the greater supply of oxygen to the tissues, so its combination with the usual treatments is ideal for:

  •   Diabetes
  •   Avascular Necrosis
  •   Wound Healing
  •   Decrease of Discomfort in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Treatment
  •   Bruising Decrease
  •   Post-surgical Treatment
  •   Rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage
  •   Ictus
  •   Sclerosis
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Spasticity
  •   Sports Medicine  
  •   Professional Training


To schedule an appointment or request more information about the benefits of the hyperbaric chamber, contact ext. 3254.