A + humane hospital


At Hospital H+ Los Cabos we are committed to the community. That is why we developed the Give + campaign, to help the people with the most need to receive highly specialized medical care.

H+ has teamed up with the International Community Foundation (ICF) and several local organizations, such as: Los Cabos Children's Foundation, Liga Mac, Red Autismo, Amigos de los Niños, East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic, AC, and the Fundación Corazón de Niño to provide medical attention to those who need it the most.

Donations to the campaign help cover the most relevant expenses of clinical care.

For every peso we receive, Hospital H+ Los Cabos puts an extra peso. With your support, we can continue helping those in need.

What have we done together?

70+ children treated for different procedures such as cardiac ablations, catheterizations and open-heart surgeries, since its foundation in 2017 and during 4 sessions of Unidos de Corazón.

100+ people collaborating to give more.

Over USD$100,000 awarded in medical donations to help those who need it the most.

USD $16,000 are required to perform 6 catheterizations.

USD $22,000 are required to perform 6 cardiac ablations.

USD $95,000 are required to perform 7 open heart surgeries.

For the 2019 session of Unidos de Corazón, USD$133,000 are required to help 19 children recover or save their lives.

Gracias a la campaña Give +, por cada peso que se done, el Hospital H+ Los Cabos pone un peso +.

For the 5th. session Unidos de Corazón 2019, if the desired goal of USD$66,500 is reached, Hospital H+ Los Cabos will donate the other half of USD$66,500.

We are counting on you.

Give more hope, happiness, faith, love. Simply give + with H+.

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