A + humane hospital


All our rooms are single bedroom and have:

  •       Ergonomic Hospital Furniture
  •       Medical Gas Supply 
  •       Independent Ventilation
  •       Intercom And Emergency Systems
  •       Smoke Detectors
  •       Private Phone
  •       Air Conditioning
  •       Cable Tv
  •       Internet Access
  •       Sofa Bed for Companion
  •       Recliner
  •       Desk
  •       Full Bathroom with Access to Shower Without Barriers
  •       Wonderful View of The Sea of Cortez or The Desert.


Additionally, we have rooms with air extraction and injection to allow the management of the patient in isolation, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

The Nursing Center offers a warm space to address the concerns of companions and visitors, as well as an intercom service to respond immediately to any requirement.

We also have a common area for visitors, which allows a quiet and comfortable wait before entering the rooms.