A + humane hospital

Bienvenido al Hospital H+ Los Cabos


What we need from all our patients:

Before admission to any procedure, whether outpatient or long-stay, you will be asked in the admissions area to submit and fill out:

  • Official ID
  • Inpatient Admission Order
  • Informed Consents
  • Privacy Notice
  • Contract for the provision of hospital services
  • Medication reconciliation


At the time of your admission, you will be required to make a hospital deposit (check-in) with a credit card, debit card or cash, which will then be returned when you leave the Hospital.

If you process the payment through an insurer, you will be required to present at the admissions area the current policy number, the credential and/or the authorization letter.

For the insurer to process the payment, 24 hours of hospitalization must be met. Otherwise, you must cover the payment at the time of discharge and, later, it will be reimbursed by the insurer.

During your stay

Because we care about your health:

  • We protect you from allergies:The entry of natural plants or flowers is not allowed in the hospitalization areas. If you receive an arrangement, it will be stored in main admissions area, and you can pick it up on your way out or arrange for someone else to pick it up.
  • We protect you from infections:In order to prevent contagion risks, access to the hospitalization area is restricted to children under 12 years of age. It will only be allowed in special cases, with authorization by those responsible for each area, in which case Public Relations must be notified at ext. 3261.
  • We protect your food:To guarantee your diet and care, access to outside food and drinks is not allowed. In this way, we avoid having unexpected consequences in the evolution of your treatment and recovery.
  • We protect your rights as a patient:During your hospital stay, you have the right to be treated with confidentiality. If you wish to restrict your personal visits or external telephone calls, notify the Admission and Cashier staff, at the time of admission, or the Nursing staff.


Management of Patient's Belongings

If you use any type of prosthesis (dentures, glasses, hearing aids, etc.), notify the Nursing staff, so that they always remain in sight.

For the protection of your personal values, we offer you an electronic safe, at no additional charge (we are not responsible for forgotten objects).

Food and Diets

During your hospital stay, you can only eat food supplied by the Hospital. At the time of your admission, it is important that you report if you are allergic or intolerant to any type of food, or if you have daily eating habits that you must maintain.

Schedule of meal delivery to patients:

Breakfast 07:00 to 08:00 hrs.

Lunch 12:00 to 13:00 hrs

Dinner 18:00 to 19:00 hrs.

Colación/Snack 16:00 a 17:00 hrs

Cena 18:30 a 19:30 hrs

In case of having special feeding schedules, whether by medical prescription or routine, please coordinate it with the Nutrition staff.

Any comment, please report it to the Nutrition area at ext. 3208, or to the Public Relations staff at ext. 3204.

Smoke Free Hospital

Hospital H+ Los Cabos is 100% smoke-free (including e-cigarettes). Smoking is not allowed inside the facilities nor in the outdoor areas.

Patient’s Opinion Comprehensive System

In case of any complaint, congratulations, comment, or suggestion, contact the Public Relations staff at ext. 3261. You can also send an email to: siop@hmas.mx, where all your comments will be followed up. siop@hmas.mx, donde se dará seguimiento a todos tus comentarios.

Netflix (Smart TV) and WIFI

For your comfort, all rooms have Netflix and WIFI service, at no additional cost. You can enter with your password or request one at the Hospital. If you have any questions, contact the Systems staff at ext. 3222.

Phone Calls

You can make local calls, at no additional cost, from your room. Just dial 0 and request the call to the Admissions executive.

Long-distance calls, whether national or international, have an additional cost that will be charged to your hospital account. To make one, dial 0 and notify the Admission and Cash Department so that they can help you with it.

If you have any questions, contact the Admissions staff at ext. 0, or the Public Relations staff, at ext. 3204.

Wireless Internet

A QR code will be provided to you upon check-in. In the event of any inconvenience, contact the Information Technology staff at ext. 3222 or the Public Relations staff at ext. 3204.

Environmental Services (EVS)
Your room will be cleaned twice a day: in the morning, at a time after the bath, and in the afternoon, as authorized by you or your family member (cleaning takes approximately half an hour). If it is required more times, you can request it from the Nursing staff. Garbage removal will be done 3 times a day.

All EVS staff will request permission to enter your room. If you so require, or at the direction of the Nursing staff, the EVS staff will only enter the room late at night or early in the morning.

We invite you to collaborate with the cleaning and care of the Hospital.

If you have any comments, report them to the Environmental Services staff at ext. 3296, or to the Public Relations staff at Ext. 3204.

Every day maintenance is done to our facilities. If you detect any problem, report it to the Maintenance staff, at ext. 3206 or to the Public Relations staff, at ext. 3204.

Food Preparation

In adherence to hygiene and health regulations, and to prevent drug-food interactions, we maintain the strictest hygiene measures in the preparation of our food, guaranteeing personalized nutritional intake for each patient.

Religious Service

We are a secular institution. We respect the spiritual and religious beliefs of our patients and their families. We leave at your disposal contacts to different religious services. In need of support, contact the Public Relations staff at ext. 3204.

Patient Rights

In order to protect your rights as a patient, at Hospital H+ Los Cabos we have a Bioethics Committee, which is responsible for analyzing complaints of possible violation of rights, if any, and issues a recommendation to solve and provide a timely response, as the case may be.

Your Rights:

  • Receive proper medical care.
  • Receive dignified and respectful treatment.
  • Receive sufficient, clear, timely and truthful information.
  • Decide freely about your care.
  • Give or not give validly informed consent.
  • Be treated with confidentiality.
  • Have simple, accessible ways to obtain a second opinion.
  • Receive medical care in an emergency.
  • Have a medical record.
  • Be treated and receive a response in the event of a disagreement regarding the received medical care.


If you have any requests, you can contact the Public Relations Department at ext. 3204, which will notify the Medical Directorate or General Directorate for immediate attention.

Your information is protected under the personal data protection system. If you wish, you can review our privacy notice at www.hmas.mx 

Your Obligations:

  • Provide accurate and complete information about your illness and the reason for your attendance at the Hospital.

  • Sign the hospital services contract, the privacy notice and the informed consent for surgical treatments or any type of procedure, in the presence of your treating physicians, after having an informative talk about them.

  • Fill out the “Current Medication Consumption” form.

  • Take responsibility for your decisions in case you refuse treatment or other instructions from the doctor, nurse, or paramedical staff.

  • Take care of the facilities and respect the regulations of the institution for your own benefit and that of other patients.

  • Treat Hospital staff and other patients and companions in the institution with respect.

  • Sign a "Voluntary Discharge" document in case you decide to leave the institution of your own free will.

  • Ask the necessary questions to your treating doctor and to the nursing and pharmacy staff in case you do not understand the treatment prescribed for you.

  • Have your relatives or companions respect the General Regulations of the Hospital.

  • Learn and demand compliance with your rights.

For Your Safety:

We comply with safety and quality standards, focused on patient care:

  • We make sure to identify you

Our doctors and health professionals will ask you for your name and date of birth before any procedure or medication application.

  • Procedures and Surgeries

If you are going to have a procedure or surgery, we will verify that every detail is followed as the doctor ordered for you (for example, marking the place where the incision will be made).

  • Hand Hygiene 

Make sure that both your relatives and other visitors, as well as the medical staff who treat you, sanitize their hands when entering and leaving the room, before and after going to the bathroom, and before and after eating food. 

  • Falls Prevention

Listen carefully to the recommendations of the Nursing staff and follow these steps:

  • Your bed must remain with all four rails up and kept at the lowest level and locked.
  • Nursing staff will place the call bell within your reach.
  • Tell the Nursing staff what personal objects you want to have on hand.
  • Tell the Nursing staff what personal objects you want to have on hand.
  • Always ask for help to go to the bathroom or walk.

Your collaboration in complying with these recommendations is essential to offer you a better service.

For Your Family and Visitors

It is important to follow these recommendations:

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the institution.
  • They must not bring food external to the Hospital for the patient's consumption.
  • They should avoid consuming food inside the room. In the square we have the facilities of El Merkado, an ideal area for this purpose, which offers various options.
  • In special cases (parents of infants or relatives who assist the patient 24 hours a day), the Food and Diets area will offer an optional menu, during the same mealtimes as the patient.
  • Visiting hours must be respected.
  • The number of visits is strictly limited to 2 people per room in the hospitalization area, except for births (4 people). This will help with the patient's recovery.
  • If your companion wants to spend the night, there is a sofa-bed in the room (this service has an extra charge).
  • A low tone of voice is mandatory in the waiting area of the hospitalization floor as well as common areas. 

Visiting Hours

Monday to Sunday 
09:00 to 21:00 hrs.

Monday to Sunday
12:00 to 13:00 hrs
18:00 to 19:00 hrs
23:00 to 24:00 hrs.

Monday to Sunday 
11:00 to 21:00 hrs.
17:00 a 19:00 hrs.

Intensive Care Rules

In this special care area, visits are restricted and at specific times. It is important to bear in mind the following:

Only authorized persons may receive reports on the health status, prognosis, and studies to be performed on the patient, which will be issued only by the Treating Physician.

If required, the Unit Physicians on Duty may give reports on the general state of health at the end of each visit.

Without exception, reports will not be given by phone.

Horarios de Visita:

Monday to Sunday

12:00 to 13:00 hrs

18:00 to 19:00 hrs

23:00 to 24:00 hrs.

On occasion visiting hours may be delayed. If this were to happen, the Unit staff will inform you and, if possible, will make up the time.

The responsible relative must leave a telephone number for contact, if necessary.


  • Due to the serious conditions of the patients, the number of visitors must be 2 people (preferably the closest relatives).
  • During the day, only 2 visitors for each patient can stay in the waiting room.
  • Visitors must wash their hands when entering and leaving the room, as well as wear a disposable gown.
  • Visitors are not allowed after 8:00 p.m., unless the patient has been admitted after this time.
  • If any of the visitors suffers from a respiratory infection, they must refrain from visiting the Hospital. In case of doing so, he must remain in the waiting room (2nd floor). There, the visitor will be informed on the patient's health status.
  • The access of children under 12 years is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to bring any food external to the Hospital, especially if it is for the patient.
  • Taking pictures is strictly prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the institution, as well as appearing drunk.

Blood Donation


  • After identifying yourself, answer the questions that will be asked for your registration as a donor (10 minutes).
  • A doctor will give you a brief examination and interview (15 minutes).
  • A sample will be taken to check that you are in optimal conditions to make the donation. (30 minutes, including waiting for results).
  • Once verified, you will be able to donate blood (25 minutes).
  • You will be given a snack (10 minutes).


Total procedure time: 1 hour 30 minutes (it may vary depending on the number of donors in the Blood Bank).

Medication Management

  • You must not take any medication that is not supplied by specialized personnel. You must indicate all the medications that you take whether regularly or sporadically, so that doctors can evaluate all possible drug interactions or therapeutic duplicities that may compromise your health.
  • It is not allowed to keep any type of allopathic, homeopathic, or herbal medicine, nor food supplements in the room. If you have them, we recommend that you give them to a family member or the Pharmaceutical Services staff for safekeeping (they will be returned at the time of discharge).

Informed Consent

It is one of the most important documents of the Clinical Record, since it is evidence that you, or your relatives, have been informed by your doctor about the diagnosis and the treatment plan to follow.

In the case of surgeries or special procedures, the doctor must inform you about the benefits, risks and alternatives, allowing you to decide, in a free and informed manner, whether to grant authorization for it.

Both you and your doctor must sign this document at the same time, during the consultation, after making the decision to perform a procedure or surgery; or upon arrival at the hospital and before performing the same.

Recommendations for discharge



Your final balance will consist of two parts:

  • Hospital bill: equipment, instruments, materials, medicines and hospital services used during your stay. It will be collected in full at the checkout area.
  • Medical fees: they must be covered together with the hospital bill.


The offices are located in the Admission and Cashier area (Ground Floor).


If you have any questions or comments, you can review it with the Admissions executives, at Ext. 3201, who will gladly assist you.


When the doctor authorizes your discharge, your nurse will notify the Admissions area for the respective review of your account.

  • Admission will notify you when you can settle your bill and will give you the discharge notice form.
  • When you leave your room, the nursing staff will take you in a wheelchair to the Hospital exit.


Note: remember to hand over the TV control in the nursing area. If not, the corresponding charge will be made.

Note: The right to use the room expires at 1:00 p.m. In case your doctor signs the discharge after this time or you decide to spend more time in the room, an additional charge will be made for half a day's rent.

The discharge process takes approximately 2 to 6 hours.

If you are an insurance patient, we ask for your understanding since we depend on the authorization of the coverage to continue with the process.

If you have any doubt or questions, contact the Admissions staff at Ext. 3201.

Clinical Summary Request

If you are an insurance patient, we ask for your understanding since we depend on the authorization of the coverage to continue with the process.

The request must contain:

  • Date of request
  • Patient number (if you have this information)
  • Patient name
  • Applicant's name (relationship to patient) *
  • Treating physician
  • Date of hospital care
  • Reason for the request


*If the request is made by a legal representative or insurer, it must be accompanied by a power of attorney signed by the patient, and a copy of official identification with a photograph, of both patient and the applicant.

All information provided is confidential and will be sent only by email. The information will be sent only by email. The information will be provided in 15 business days.

In Case of Emergency

Your safety is our priority. 

In case of emergency, follow these recommendations:

  • Stay calm.
  • Wait for your nurse’s instructions.
  • Head for the exit, following the evacuation route.
  • Follow the instructions of the brigade members, identified with anti-reflective vests.


El Hospital cuenta con planta de luz de emergencia, lo cual garantiza el funcionamiento permanente de equipos biomédicos, para soporte de vida en áreas críticas y/o contactos de emergencia. 

En caso de corte de luz, la planta de emergencia permite el uso de elevadores, los cuales deberán ser utilizados en compañía del personal de mantenimiento.

Ten la confianza de que te encuentras en un hospital + seguro.