A + humane hospital

About Us

We are a private institution that provides solutions to the health needs of patients in Los Cabos and surrounding towns.

We offer medical and surgical services of excellent quality at competitive prices, with accessibility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have advanced medical technology and a team of highly qualified professionals, who come together to ensure that our patients are in the best hands.


Our health proposal is based on:

  • Ethical medical care
  • Adherence to the highest safety standards in the provision of medical services
  • Empathy with the needs of our patients and their families

Patient Safety and Quality System

At Hospital H+ Los Cabos, we began our activities in April 2015, basing our policies, processes, and activities on an administration model that would promote a continuous improvement and allow us to define in a precise manner an optimal patient care.

At that time, we began "The Model of Patient Safety by the General Health Council", which has an international competitive level. Throughout our history, we have implemented this model through our Patient Safety and Quality Program:

Today we work with a Patient Safety and Quality System


2019 – 2024

The General Health Council* granted us the Certification for 5 years (2019-2024), for the following reasons:


  •   Our main concern is the care of our patients, within a framework of quality and safety, in which we include our doctors, our patients' relatives, our staff, our visitors, our facilities and all companions and suppliers.
  •   We take care of and comply with national policies and current regulations of the country.
  •   We have a commitment to continuous improvement and competitiveness.
  •   We cover the national standards of the model and, therefore, we are internationally competitive.


The General Health Council is a collegiate body that reports directly to the President of the Republic and has the character of a health authority, with regulatory, advisory and executive functions. The provisions it issues are of a general nature and mandatory in the country.

It is the recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism, endorsed by the Ministry of Health, to those food and beverage establishments, for complying with the hygiene standards established by the Mexican Norm.

Our hospital obtained a score of 10 in the Hygienic Handling of Food. Rest assured that you are in the best hands.


At Hospital H+ Los Cabos we are committed to both the quality and safety of our patients, doctors, collaborators and processes. That is why, in 2019, we started to prepare for the Accreditation Canadian so as to support the quality of our services in the international context.

In May 2020, our hospital was granted FIRST LEVEL accreditation, validating that:

Requirements for Medical Credentialing

Dear Doctor:

We appreciate your interest in being part of the Hospital H+ Los Cabos Medical Group.

In our institution, we evaluate all applications to be part of the H+ Medical Group. We verify, from the source of origin, the documentation delivered so as to ensure that all requirements are met in accordance with current national regulations and regulations.

Essential Requirements for Credentialing:

1.- Entry Application (signed document, original, with photograph)

2.- Curriculum Vitae.

3.- Title of the Bachelor of Medicine.

4.- Professional License of the Bachelor of Medicine.

5.- Title/Diploma of the Specialty in Medicine for which you are requesting admission.

6.- Certificate of Specialty.

7.- Permit to practice in Baja California Sur.

8.- Privileges (original document, signed)

9.- Current Council(s)

10.- Civil Liability Insurance

11.- Copy of your official ID of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)

12.- Federal Taxpayer Registration (RFC)

You can send us the information via email to credentializacion@hmas.mx. We are here to help you get to an A+ level. credencializacion@hmas.mx. Estamos para apoyarlo a ser parte de algo + grande.


If you have Major Medical Expenses Insurance, you can call or personally attend to our Insurance Coordination, located on the Ground Floor of the Hospital.

There, prior to your hospitalization or at the time of your admission, you will be provided with all the necessary information and documentation that your insurer requests to support your hospital and/or surgical care.

In this manner, you will be clear and certain of your insurance coverage, as well as peace of mind regarding the economic side, allowing you to concentrate on your hospital stay. We will gladly assist you at Ext. 3202.

We will gladly assist you at Ext. 3202.

Suggestion Box
Contact us
In case of any complaint, congratulations, comment or suggestion, you can do it through our Comprehensive Patient Opinion System (SIOP) or by email: siop@hmas.mx siop@hmas.mx

For immediate attention, contact the Public Relations staff at ext. 3204, who will immediately follow up on your case.