A + humane hospital

Requirements for Medical Credentialing

Dear Doctor:
We appreciate your interest in being part of the Hospital H+ Los Cabos Medical Group.

In our institution, we evaluate all applications to be part of the H+ Medical Group. We verify, from the source of origin, the documentation delivered so as to ensure that all requirements are met in accordance with current national regulations and regulations.
Essential Requirements for Credentialing:

  1. Entry Application (signed document, original, with photograph)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Title of the Bachelor of Medicine
  4. Professional License of the Bachelor of Medicine
  5. Title/Diploma of the Specialty in Medicine for which you are requesting admission.
  6. Certificate of Specialty
  7. Permit to practice in Baja California Sur
  8. Privileges (original document, signed)
  9. Current Council(s)
  10. Civil Liability Insurance
  11. Copy of your official ID of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)

You can send us the information via email to credentializacion@hmas.mx. We are here to help you get to an A+ level. credencializacion@hmas.mx.
Estamos para apoyarlo a ser parte de algo + grande.