A + humane hospital

Surgical Unit

Head of Operating Room
Dr. Arlett Fong Hirales
Medical Surgeon – Specialty: General Surgery, Laparoscopy and Advanced Mini Laparoscopy

The surgical area has modern facilities and equipment. We have three operational central operating rooms, equipped with laminar flow. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art anesthesia machines and complete equipment for monitoring vital signs and life support, allowing the highest surgical specialties to be performed. All the personnel that operate in this area are specialized in the management of said area, thus guaranteeing the best practices.

The obstetric surgery area features comfortable labor and delivery rooms, which allow us to offer timely and humanized care to our obstetric patients.

The sterilization area is structured in three zones: instrument washing area, box preparation area and sterile material exit area, all separated from each other and connected by locks.

We have a steam autoclave and a plasma autoclave, the most advanced equipment for cleaning, disinfection, preparation, packaging, and sterilization of surgical instruments, both operated by certified personnel.