A + humane hospital

Unidad de cuidados intensivos / intermedios

We are a more humane hospital

In the Intensive Care Unit we provide highly specialized care to patients who are serious, unstable or at risk of requiring more hospital support, by medical or surgical clinical condition, so the Adult Intensive Care Unit, is a general therapy type, multipurpose, which can serve patients who require it from all Hospital Services, such as: Medical Emergencies, Internal Medicine, Pneumology, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Gynecology-Obstetrics, among others, of high complexity.

The service currently has 4 independent cubicles, where patient privacy is taken care of, with material and technological resources, such as modern multiparametric monitoring systems (invasive and non-invasive monitoring), volumetric ventilators and an invaluable personal resource, formed by highly specialized medical personnel in Critical Care Medicine and Internal Medicine, with current certifications, nursing and support staff (respiratory therapy and physical rehabilitation), to provide patients with prompt and timely care, with highly specialized medications and continuous medical-nursing assistance.

Due to the importance of adequate and specialized care, each patient is connected to a monitoring system called telemetry, so that the medical and nursing staff can continuously monitor vital signs. Within the Intensive Care Unit we also have 1 intermittent hemodialysis machine and in case of requiring continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, a PRISMA-Flex machine.

Our mission is to provide quality care and to humanize care, with the aim of restoring previous health conditions and preventing suffering in critically ill (critically ill) patients.

In the same way, intermediate therapy and pediatric intensive care services are provided.