A + humane hospital

Emergency Room

Head of E.R. 
Dr. Juan Antonio Perez Cervantes 
Medical Surgeon – Specialty: Emergency Medicine (EM). 
Master’s degree in Administration of Health Organizations


Our E.R. is made up of an observation area with 5 beds (1 for pediatric patients), 2 critical care cubicles with all the necessary equipment to perform invasive procedures. All beds have medical gas supply, monitoring, and specialized stretchers. Access on the ground floor is independent and has a waiting area and personalized attention.

The triage system allows us to identify, prioritize the most serious patients allowing us to intervene, ensuring timely care in case of any event that compromises vital functions in the event of trauma, exacerbated chronic diseases, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, surgical pathology, infections, among other conditions.

There is a care area for patients with respiratory symptoms, completely separate from the main room, complying with the necessary sanitization and isolation measures.

Our doctors, present 24 hours a day, are certified in basic life support and advanced cardiovascular life support (for both adult and pediatric patients), in addition to having all the necessary specialists for a specific condition.